Whale Of An Outfit ;)

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I love how these turned out. They just scream summer fun to me and boy I am ready for summer!!!! These are a couple of prototypes for a craft show that a friend and I hope to be doing in Auburn at the end of April. I'll be honest, the dress gave me a little bit of trouble, however, I brought it on myself. I was trying to alter the seam allowances of the yoke and this little dress told me it did not care to be altered. I didn't listen at first but, after resewing most of the seams three times, I gave in. I made this dress in a different fabric for Gracie last Easter and it did not give me a bit of trouble when I actually followed the directions When I finally got it sewn together I accidentally sewed two of the button holes crooked. *sigh* Being the perfectionist that I am, (it's a curse, really) I took them out and redid them. Let me just tell you, taking out a button hole is an art form in itself.

The John John is an altered Children's Corner pattern. I got to try out my drafting skills on this one. I just love a challenge. It really didn't require too much altering. After a little bit of trial and error, I came up with this.

The first ones are going to John David and Gracie. I will be making more in differing sizes to sell at the show. John David was so excited that I had made something for him. I think he is use to Gracie getting all the stuff I make. He said, "you made something for me mama?" Then, he didn't want to take it off. It makes me smile to think about it. Gracie was happy too but, I have sewn half of her wardrobe for the last two years. This is old news to her. ;) I will have to do one for Will too. Can't leave him out!

Custom order for Myia and Christi :)

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Woo hoo! I've got all of the customs finished except for one. The last one is a biggie and isn't "due" until the end of May so I have a little time to work on it. Now I'm all ready to go to my class tomorrow about redrafting patterns! I'm so excited about it! I mean really excited......I know I'm a complete nerd but my husband and kids put up with me and my obsession. I love them for it too.

I enjoyed working on both of these. I seem to have a recurrent theme of pink and green going on in all of my work lately. They really are two of my favorite colors. The diaper bag is solid, which is a more simple color scheme than I usally sew but I think it gives it a classy and stylish look. The bird will show up again. I'm going to make Gracie a little green dress with it appliqued on the bottom right corner. It's going on my "round to it" list. The floral fabric just works so well with that applique. This little jeans set was fun because I really had free reign to do what I wanted. My favorited part is the bunny who's back is on the back of the leg. Christi has promised to send me pictures of this outfit being modeled. I can't wait to see her precious little girl in it.

Custom Order For Lanester808 :)

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This set incorporates my favorite color combination, pink and green, with one of my favorite bird appliques. It's trendy but dainty. I think it will look so completely adorable on the little girl it is intended for. I'm going to make a few more of these I think, and you might even see a pair of pants, for yours truly, show up out of this fabric.

Spring Is Coming And Easter Sewing Is Underway!!!

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Gracie says (in her 6 years) this is the coldest winter she can remember, lol. Everyone in the Barrett house is looking forward to spring!!!! In anticipation, we have started the spring cleaning, which may never be finished, we bought white shoes for everyone under the age of 6 and perhaps the biggest hallmark of spring, I have started sewing the Easter Outfits.

Gracie's Easter dress is the first outfit to be completed. We do not go to a really formal church so I think this little dress will be perfect. I loved, loved, loved sewing this pattern. In fact, I already have different fabric to sew this same dress again. Can't have too much of a good thing I guess. She really likes it too. As you can see, she is striking one of her famous "Gracie Poses." I took about 10 pictures and this was the least crazy one of the bunch. Wonder if she is ready for the runway? I'll contact her agent ;)

Now, all I have left are the boy's outfits. They are going to be fairly simple green Jon Jon's that match the sashes in Gracie's dress. I will most likely monogram their names on them as well. I know my time is limited making the boys that type of outfit, *sniff* so I am getting it in while I still can.

Her First Date

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Gracie went on her first date....................Are you wondering who the lucky young man was? It was her daddy. I can't believe she is old enough to be going to the father/daughter Valentine's banquet, but *sigh*, she is! It seems like yesterday we were rocking her, giving her bottles and changing her diapers.......wondering if she would ever sleep through the night, wondering if she would ever stop crying (colic). The list could go on. I always get reminicent around this time of year when she is about to be another year older and I wonder how another year has gone by.

I helped her do her hair and she picked out her own outfit. Her dad, determined to show her how a gentleman should act, came to the front door to pick her up, helped her get her coat on and opened all the doors for her.

Is it old fashioned? Maybe. Is it the way it should be, absolutely. Was it priceless? Yes.

What a night. They had a ball. And to think, in 7 short years she will be a teenager and a few years after that, she will be doing this for real.

Sweet Set

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Wow, what a week! I was beginning to doubt my abilities as a multi tasker but at last, I prevailed. This is a bib and burp set made for a dear friend of mine's goddaughter. I just love how sweet pink gingham looks on white! It's classic and beautiful. I can imagine how sweet it will look on the precious baby girl it will be given to!

A Day In the Life of a Mom.........It's Not For Sissies!

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Sick boys!

This has been a day.........it has been one of those days where you really see what you are made of. I need to document it because I tend to remember everything through rose tinted glasses. Gracie and I started our day off well. Jake kicked us out early because he knew I was going stir crazy after a long week and Will has been sick. We made a trip to Huntsville to check out my our favorite places (hancocks & hobby lobby). We left about 9:45, made our rounds, ate at Ruby Tuesday's, and headed back home around 2:15. Perfect. So far so good. When we got back John David was up from nap so he and Gracie played together for a while. I setteled in to watch my favorite channel (TLC). Of course, all three kids (Will is up by now) pile on top of me, on our little love seat, to watch TV too. (I'm not sure why they actually need to sit on me to watch TV.....it was ummmm...........cozy) All of the sudden I feel something warm on my leg. I thought our newly potty trained son had an accident. Well, I was half right, but it was not the kind of accident I was thinking.........apparently he has the stomach virus. Ewwwwww! So then Gracie says, "I'm going to throw up." What?!?! you have to be kidding me! She starts gagging because John David is gagging. I'm thinking, "OK, this could be bad, really bad." Frantically, I'm running John David to the tub because he is obviously going to need a bath and I want to get him there before any other accident occurs. I left him standing in the tub (no water) while I cleaned the mess in the den. Gracie has stabilized. Great. She is happily watching TV once more. I run back to the tub where poor little John David is waiting on me and I start running the water. While I'm bathing John David, Will reaches into the tub and takes a cup of dirty bath water and dumps it all over himself and the floor. Great, I will bathe him in a minute, I really had nothing else to do anyway. Have I mentioned Jake has gone on an outing, that has been planned for weeks, with the youth? I'm letting the yuck water drain, and am getting John David dressed when Will starts climbing into the tub (which still has about 3 inches of water in it) fully dressed with my iphone in hand. NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!. Don't worry, I saved it just in time. Long story, even longer, I bathe Will, get him dressed, put all the dirty clothes in the washer on HOT and head for the kitchen to make dinner. The Chili I had planned to have is out. How about Cream of Wheat, Applesauce and Chicken Noodle Soup? No objections. There we were finishing dinner and here it comes again. I'll spare the gory details but let's just say "it" was everywhere. Gracie takes one sight of it and starts gagging again. I send her to the den with her supper. I leave Will in his chair strapped in with a handful of crackers and go back to bathe John David again. He is squeaky clean once more with new clothes on. I clean up the mess, put another load of clothes in on HOT, make jello and get Will down for bed. Jake calls......................
I fill him in and he asks, (this is really good) "Do you think he has a virus?" I have no words, truly, no words. Poor Jake, I'm LOL as I type this now but I was not LOL then. I have no applejuice, gatorade or banannas left and what is better, I have no way to go and get them with a throwing up three year old and a baby who is now asleep in his crib.

And then an answer to prayer..............One of our youth, who could not go on the trip tonight, calls. She says she is bringing over juice, gatorade and asks if I need anything else. Overjoyed to the point of tears, I ask her to bring banannas too. What a wonderful church we have with people who are bringing up wonderfully caring youth. Little does she know, she was my little angel tonight. Thank you God.

Now things are looking up, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, which I'm running for full speed ahead. I feed John David and Gracie a bananna, which John David keeps down with a jello drink. Halleluia! I get John David and Gracie in bed by 8:30 and now I sit here in the peace and quiet, looking forward to what tomorrow will bring. Whew!