Custom order for Myia and Christi :)

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Woo hoo! I've got all of the customs finished except for one. The last one is a biggie and isn't "due" until the end of May so I have a little time to work on it. Now I'm all ready to go to my class tomorrow about redrafting patterns! I'm so excited about it! I mean really excited......I know I'm a complete nerd but my husband and kids put up with me and my obsession. I love them for it too.

I enjoyed working on both of these. I seem to have a recurrent theme of pink and green going on in all of my work lately. They really are two of my favorite colors. The diaper bag is solid, which is a more simple color scheme than I usally sew but I think it gives it a classy and stylish look. The bird will show up again. I'm going to make Gracie a little green dress with it appliqued on the bottom right corner. It's going on my "round to it" list. The floral fabric just works so well with that applique. This little jeans set was fun because I really had free reign to do what I wanted. My favorited part is the bunny who's back is on the back of the leg. Christi has promised to send me pictures of this outfit being modeled. I can't wait to see her precious little girl in it.


Melissa said...

So cute!!! You are so talented and creative :) Do you use a pattern for the diaper bag?

Ellen said...

Thanks! I'm enjoying seeing the things you are making too! The pattern I used is this one:
I have almost worn the thing out I've used it so much! It's a good pattern to use for tote bags too.