Whale Of An Outfit ;)

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I love how these turned out. They just scream summer fun to me and boy I am ready for summer!!!! These are a couple of prototypes for a craft show that a friend and I hope to be doing in Auburn at the end of April. I'll be honest, the dress gave me a little bit of trouble, however, I brought it on myself. I was trying to alter the seam allowances of the yoke and this little dress told me it did not care to be altered. I didn't listen at first but, after resewing most of the seams three times, I gave in. I made this dress in a different fabric for Gracie last Easter and it did not give me a bit of trouble when I actually followed the directions When I finally got it sewn together I accidentally sewed two of the button holes crooked. *sigh* Being the perfectionist that I am, (it's a curse, really) I took them out and redid them. Let me just tell you, taking out a button hole is an art form in itself.

The John John is an altered Children's Corner pattern. I got to try out my drafting skills on this one. I just love a challenge. It really didn't require too much altering. After a little bit of trial and error, I came up with this.

The first ones are going to John David and Gracie. I will be making more in differing sizes to sell at the show. John David was so excited that I had made something for him. I think he is use to Gracie getting all the stuff I make. He said, "you made something for me mama?" Then, he didn't want to take it off. It makes me smile to think about it. Gracie was happy too but, I have sewn half of her wardrobe for the last two years. This is old news to her. ;) I will have to do one for Will too. Can't leave him out!

Custom order for Myia and Christi :)

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Woo hoo! I've got all of the customs finished except for one. The last one is a biggie and isn't "due" until the end of May so I have a little time to work on it. Now I'm all ready to go to my class tomorrow about redrafting patterns! I'm so excited about it! I mean really excited......I know I'm a complete nerd but my husband and kids put up with me and my obsession. I love them for it too.

I enjoyed working on both of these. I seem to have a recurrent theme of pink and green going on in all of my work lately. They really are two of my favorite colors. The diaper bag is solid, which is a more simple color scheme than I usally sew but I think it gives it a classy and stylish look. The bird will show up again. I'm going to make Gracie a little green dress with it appliqued on the bottom right corner. It's going on my "round to it" list. The floral fabric just works so well with that applique. This little jeans set was fun because I really had free reign to do what I wanted. My favorited part is the bunny who's back is on the back of the leg. Christi has promised to send me pictures of this outfit being modeled. I can't wait to see her precious little girl in it.