New Haircuts for the Barrett Girls!!

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Gracie and I had some mother daughter bonding time today. Turns out, she is more like me than I thought. She gets bored and fed up with her hair and she loves getting new shoes just like her mama! We didn't have the time or the money to go shoe shopping so we decided to go for a different look! Being in a new town I had no clue where to start. We lucked up on a great little place in Guntersville called Darlene's Day Spa. I really love Kates hair on John and Kate plus 8. So, I was kind of going for that style, except my sides are not long enough from my last haircut, which you can tell in the side view pic. (please ignore the fact that I have no makeup left) Gracie and I are both really happy with the way things turned out! We are planning to get manicures together next. I just love this age! Now, if I can just get her to love fabric shopping as much as I do, we'll be set.