Whale Of An Outfit ;)

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I love how these turned out. They just scream summer fun to me and boy I am ready for summer!!!! These are a couple of prototypes for a craft show that a friend and I hope to be doing in Auburn at the end of April. I'll be honest, the dress gave me a little bit of trouble, however, I brought it on myself. I was trying to alter the seam allowances of the yoke and this little dress told me it did not care to be altered. I didn't listen at first but, after resewing most of the seams three times, I gave in. I made this dress in a different fabric for Gracie last Easter and it did not give me a bit of trouble when I actually followed the directions When I finally got it sewn together I accidentally sewed two of the button holes crooked. *sigh* Being the perfectionist that I am, (it's a curse, really) I took them out and redid them. Let me just tell you, taking out a button hole is an art form in itself.

The John John is an altered Children's Corner pattern. I got to try out my drafting skills on this one. I just love a challenge. It really didn't require too much altering. After a little bit of trial and error, I came up with this.

The first ones are going to John David and Gracie. I will be making more in differing sizes to sell at the show. John David was so excited that I had made something for him. I think he is use to Gracie getting all the stuff I make. He said, "you made something for me mama?" Then, he didn't want to take it off. It makes me smile to think about it. Gracie was happy too but, I have sewn half of her wardrobe for the last two years. This is old news to her. ;) I will have to do one for Will too. Can't leave him out!