Her First Date

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Gracie went on her first date....................Are you wondering who the lucky young man was? It was her daddy. I can't believe she is old enough to be going to the father/daughter Valentine's banquet, but *sigh*, she is! It seems like yesterday we were rocking her, giving her bottles and changing her diapers.......wondering if she would ever sleep through the night, wondering if she would ever stop crying (colic). The list could go on. I always get reminicent around this time of year when she is about to be another year older and I wonder how another year has gone by.

I helped her do her hair and she picked out her own outfit. Her dad, determined to show her how a gentleman should act, came to the front door to pick her up, helped her get her coat on and opened all the doors for her.

Is it old fashioned? Maybe. Is it the way it should be, absolutely. Was it priceless? Yes.

What a night. They had a ball. And to think, in 7 short years she will be a teenager and a few years after that, she will be doing this for real.