Spring Is Coming And Easter Sewing Is Underway!!!

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Gracie says (in her 6 years) this is the coldest winter she can remember, lol. Everyone in the Barrett house is looking forward to spring!!!! In anticipation, we have started the spring cleaning, which may never be finished, we bought white shoes for everyone under the age of 6 and perhaps the biggest hallmark of spring, I have started sewing the Easter Outfits.

Gracie's Easter dress is the first outfit to be completed. We do not go to a really formal church so I think this little dress will be perfect. I loved, loved, loved sewing this pattern. In fact, I already have different fabric to sew this same dress again. Can't have too much of a good thing I guess. She really likes it too. As you can see, she is striking one of her famous "Gracie Poses." I took about 10 pictures and this was the least crazy one of the bunch. Wonder if she is ready for the runway? I'll contact her agent ;)

Now, all I have left are the boy's outfits. They are going to be fairly simple green Jon Jon's that match the sashes in Gracie's dress. I will most likely monogram their names on them as well. I know my time is limited making the boys that type of outfit, *sniff* so I am getting it in while I still can.